Think of your iPhone – has it stopped working?  It’s not turning on. Now you are stuck with your phone. All your amazing photos, cherished videos, important documents; and all your music files are in your phone but how to take them out. It becomes even more difficult to get them back when you never took backup of your data stored in the phone. So better have backup of all your files stored in your iPhone to iCloud.

What will happen if you lose all these things we have been storing and collecting for many days and months? Yes, there is a way to keep your data by backing up your iPhone to iCloud.

Accident happens anytime and anywhere. What if iPhone got stolen? Or water damage? What if iPhone Repair Parts are not functioning properly, to diagnose the problem and by that time you want to keep your data safe, you need to take backup of data stored in your iPhone to iCloud. Backing up the iPhone to iCloud is very simple, and that is something that can help you save your data.


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Here are the steps to perform backup from iPhone to iCloud –

  1. Connect your device to the stable Wi-Fi network.

  2. Tap settings > iCloud > Backup.

  3. Turn ON iCloud backup if it is not already turned on.

  4. Tap on ‘Backup’ now

  5. To check your backup tap Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage

  6. Once you are in Manage storage, then select your device.

  7. There you can see the most recent backup and verify your backup process.

That’s it!

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How to manage iCloud backup

  • iCloud backup is simple and safe, but it has limited storage of 5GB. You may find yourself running out of space sooner or later especially if you have more than one iOS device and use iCloud for document storage.

  • In the ‘Manage Storage’ section, you can find the quantity of total storage and available storage.

  • Click on ‘Manage Storage’ to free up some space.

  • You don’t need to take backup of apps of larger size. You can toggle the switches off, to stop the backup and delete the data from iCloud afterwards.


Some Important Tips


  • Keep the automatic backup ON; it will backup daily when you are on Wi-Fi.

  • iCloud backup is free for the first 5 GB data. If you need more than 5GB, there will be a monthly subscription for the same.

  • Photos, videos and animations can quickly fill your first free 5GB space. If you like to take too many pictures and videos, you can opt for recent 1000 photos for backup in ‘My Photo Stream’, so that you can optimize the free 5GB space.

  • You can backup not only photos, videos but also contact list, text messages, application data and settings from your iPhone.

  • Almost everything you can back up to iCloud. Except for media files synced from your computer will not be backed up on iCloud. Purchased apps, books, music will not be backed up as well.


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